About Me

After running nonprofits for 30+ years and being a consultant to companies of all sizes, I finally decided to give in to my real passion.  I have been a wildlife and nature photographer since I was 22.  My work has been shown and sold in galleries and events from Fairbanks, Alaska to Key West, Florida.  Some of my work has been published by media such as USA Today, The Anchorage Daily News and The Sydney Telegraph in Australia.  

In my youth, one of my favorite hobbies was shooting video on my father's Super 8 camera.  The sound of the projector and the smell of burning film "stuck" on playback stays with me to this day.  Ten years ago, when I was running a hospice education program, I won a large grant from Cambia Health Solutions in Portland to produce dozens of videos about end-of-life care for families and healthcare providers.  This led me to invest in my own production gear and to launch Oregon Moving Images.  I use my experience with photography to shoot real estate, products/services and portraits. My video production includes real estate, product demonstrations, events and, my favorite, interviews.  I love shooting any style of interview!  Whether it is a house for sale or promoting your products and services, I want to help!  It took me 50+ years to finally figure out what I love to do.  I am ready to show you! 


But I am not just another photographer or videographer!  I have the business/life experience to bring much more to your photo/video needs than just a camera.  Face it, today everyone thinks they are a photographer because they have a phone!  I am also a consultant specializing in marketing and interpersonal relations.  My Master's degree was in Communications from Northwestern University, and I have helped hundreds of for- and not-for- profit businesses from AmeriCorps/Vista* to Merck and Nestle Foods.  I have helped them to create better messaging and internal relations, as well as more than $75 million in grant awards.

I hope I can help you as well!  Contact me and let's have some fun meeting your needs and the needs of your clients.  Russ

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